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On February 16 and 17, skaters and affiliated skaters from Skate Melfort took part in the Regional Inter-Club Competition in Prince Albert.  They were accompanied by their coach Michelle Cowell. The skaters took part in Freeskate, Solo Dance, Elements, Creative Improv, Interpretive and Team competitions. 

The results for our skaters is as follows:

Individual Events

Skater Event Award
Tia Strukoff Free Skate Star 6 Gold
Elements Star 6 6th
Bronze Interpretive Gold
Colette Kernaleguen Free Skate Star 6 7th
Elements Star 6 7th
Gold Solo Dance 6th
Gold interpretive Gold
Taylor Warkentine Free Skate Star 5 Bronze
Gold Solo Dance 4th
Gold Interpretive Gold
Ella McLean Free Skate Star 4 Bronze
Elements Star 4 Gold
Bronze Interpretive Bronze
Level 2 Creative Improv Gold
Lileah Noey Free Skate Star 2 Bronze
Elements Star 2 Silver
Solo Dance Star 2/3 Gold
Lauren McLean Free Skate Star 2 Gold
Elements Star 2 Gold
Solo Dance Star 2/3 Gold
Brianna Willette Elements Star 2 Silver
Alexis Berg Free Skate Star 1 Gold
Alexandra Willette Free Skate Star 1 Gold
Ava Claypool Free Skate Star 1 Gold

Team Competition
Star 6
Tia Strukoff, Ella McLean, Taylor Warkentine, Colette Kernaleguen

Star 2
Lauren McLean, Lileah Noey and Brianna Willette